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Calm Sea

Specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety, Depression and Substance Abuse

Individual CBT Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

People are disturbed not by things, but by the view in which they take of them.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an excellent course of treatment for those who are facing depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health ailments. It is a blend of cognitive-behavioral approaches with holistic health modalities. These sessions are goal-oriented with a focus on a specific problem(s). We will work together to identify and change negative (self-defeating) thinking patterns and corresponding maladaptive behaviors.


I will teach you how to overcome obstacles by thinking constructively and positively. A holistic, personalized wellness plan is created with an assessment of mental and emotional health, physical/dietary stressors, lifestyle, spiritual well-being, and coping skills. I will use my clinical expertise to help you resolve concerns specific to your psychological and emotional health while providing you with tools for a lifetime of balance. 

Rate: $120 per one hour session by phone 

          $150 per one hour session via FaceTime 


A minimum of eight consecutive weekly or biweekly sessions are required for the efficacy of this intervention. Additional sessions may be necessary depending upon the severity and complexity of the case. Adolescent counseling is available as well.


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Couples & Family Therapy
Therapy for Couples and Families

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Couples and families who suffer from general interactive dysfunctions, interpersonal relationship issues, verbal mistreatment, infidelity, poor communication skills, sibling rivalry, stress stemming from divorce and other major life events can be supported while learning essential skills and strategies that will ameliorate those issues.


Behavioral patterns, especially around issues of conflict, are examined to identify the roots of the problem, as well as the goals for the therapy. The work is focused on helping couples and family members to think and behave more adaptively, and to learn to make better choices in efforts to get needs met, so that the family environment is more stable and peaceful. Insight, empathy, respect, and caring are enhanced when couples and family members are invested in their treatment. When working with couples and families, I will often meet with clients individually as well as together, to get a full picture of the issues involved, and to work more in depth with each individual regarding their role or contribution to the problematic patterns. The sessions are forums in which perspectives and experiences are shared, and increased understanding and problem-solving occurs. Throughout the course of treatment, progress is made toward improved family functioning and wellness.


It is never too late to have a better relationship. With a renewed commitment to each other and the process of holistic therapy, couples can overcome the hurt and anger which may have developed because of the lack of attention given to the relationship. Scheduling that first appointment is a big step toward change.  I look forward to being a part of your transformation.



Rate: $120 per one hour session by phone 

           $150 per one hour session via FaceTime 

A minimum of eight consecutive weekly or biweekly sessions are required for the efficacy of this intervention. Additional sessions may be necessary depending upon the severity and complexity of the case. 

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Substance Abuse Counseling
Holistic Substance Abuse Counseling

The secret to achieve true success is found in your daily routine.

Chemical dependency is highly toxic and life-threatening. It is an insidious dis-ease that affects the mind, body and soul.  It kills the natural spirit of a person and comes with a myriad of negative life consequences. As an empathic holistic practitioner, I understand the severity of addiction and its destructive nature. With patience and compassion, my initial focus is to help the client stabilize by establishing total abstinence from all mood-altering substances. I will listen to clients describe their problems and what causes them to engage in addictive behavior.  We will discuss how to identify triggers that lead to cravings for drugs or alcohol, such as a time or place where they used drugs, people they used with, and stressful situations that contributed to the abuse. 


My cognitive behavioral approach involves a functional analysis which identifies the client's thoughts, feelings, and circumstances before and after the substance use. The functional analysis plays a critical role in helping to assess the determinants, or high-risk situations, that are likely to lead to substance use and provides insight into some of the reasons the client may be using mood-altering substances (e.g., to cope with interpersonal difficulties, to experience risk or euphoria not otherwise available in the client's life). 


Throughout the treatment process, there will also be a stong emphasis on your nutritional intake. Our diet has a powerful impact on how we feel and how well our bodies function. A high-vibrational plant-based diet can strengthen our immune system, improve mood, enhance the natural process of detoxification, and restore the body to a healthy balanced functioning level. This is a vital component of substance abuse recovery. You will learn how to include nutrient-dense foods in your diet in an effort to heal the body from the internal damage caused by pernicious substance use. 


Garnering sober support is an essential part of the holistic treatment process. Clients are strongly encouraged to expand their sober social network by interacting with positive peers and attending community-based support groups at least three times per week. We will then collaboratively formulate relapse prevention plans to eliminate high-risk factors in an effort to create a lifetsyle conducive to recovery and Supreme Health.


Rate: $120 per one hour session by phone 

          $150 per one hour session via FaceTime 


Please note: Length of treatment is contingent upon the specific clinical needs and progress of the client.

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