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Reading is essential for mental and spiritual elevation.

 Highly Recommended Health Books

  • How to Eat to Live Book One and Book Two- The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
  • Afrikan Holistic Health- Dr. Llaila Afrika
  • Nutricide- Dr. Llaila Afrika
  • Health Thyself- Queen Afua
  • Sacred Woman- Queen Afua
  • Man Heal Thyself- Queen Afua
  • Drugs Masquerading as Foods- Dr. Suzar
  • The Kemetic Diet: Ancient African Wisdom for Health- Dr. Muata Ashby
  • Vaccines Are Dangerous- Curtis Cost
  • The Remedy- Supa Nova Slom
  • The Joy of Living Live - Zakhah
  • Good Health for African Americans - Barbara M. Dixon, LDN, RD

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