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Malikah Ali, LCSW, CHHC,  is a psychotherapist and a certified holistic health consultant. She was personally taught and trained by the world renowned doctor of naturopathy, Dr. Llaila O. Afrika. In addition to her holistic health certification, she is a graduate of Temple University and also holds an Ivy League master’s degree from Bryn Mawr College/University of Pennsylvania in social work-clinical therapy. With a strong focus on prevention, her mission is to help clients attain Supreme Health by improving the function of the mind, body and spirit through an integrated, holistic healing approach. Her passion for holistic health started 20 years ago when she personally transitioned to a plant-based diet and began her education in herbal treatment. 


Malikah Ali is totally committed to both the philosophy and practice of Supreme Health. Specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, she has treated many clients who have suffered from issues such as poor self-esteem, chronic depression, bipolar disorder, chemical dependency, eating disorders, trauma disorders, toxic relationships, schizophrenia, phobias and other psychological disorders. Malikah Ali has counseled adolescents, adults, couples and families to help them work through life stressors and maladaptive behaviors which impede good health, happiness and personal fulfillment. Her array of holistic services are aimed to help clients achieve balance and realize their full potential. With compassion and the utmost respect, each client is treated as a unique individual and provided with a customized map to health optimization using the best natural supports. Malikah Ali's ultimate goal is to help you make Supreme Health a natural way of life…to empower you with pure, easy lifestyle solutions on your journey to wellness.

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“An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” 
~African Proverb

Malikah Ali

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